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Welcome to my little house darling, now I understand you want to take a look around before joining my exclusive little club, well please feel free to have a little peek into the rooms – but only a little peek mind !!

Disclaimer. Tanyasfetishworld is about re-creating adult dreams, fantasies and fetishes.  Neither Tanya or her site endorses or recommends physical or emotional abuse, torture, violence, degradation, humiliation or any non-consensual activity whatsoever.   Activities portrayed in tanyasfetishworld  are for the entertainment of an adult, discriminating audience who will view the content as fantasy and not a representation of real life.  Tanya isn’t really a Vampire and will not kidnap and brutalise you – honestly!

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NEW – episodes 4 and 5 now uploaded!!!! How dark, kinky and sexy can this get???

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Glampires Episode 1 – The need for Virgin Essence!

Vampires Tanya and Saskia escaped the clutches of evil Vlad 300 years before, and feel the need for a fresh supply of rare Virgins essence to keep them young forever. But where to find that nowadays?? Of course, the Castle gardens where innocent young maids return to the village from their labours!!! A plot is hatched and young Joanna is quickly spotted and lured into drinking a potion… Fantastic, atmospheric shoot accompanied by great music, and partly shot in real Castle grounds…

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Glampires Part 2 – An Innocent Village Girl is drained…

Vlad’s earthly remains have been long consigned to oblivion and now in the present day Vampire Mistress Tanya and her Glampire Saskia cruelly strap innocent village maid Joanna to the rack and drain her of her virgin essence in their quest for eternal youth. Strangely she finds herself enjoying it as the Vampirism begins to take over. But what dark powers will this unleash??? Glampire Anastasia is drawn magically by the aroma and appears magically to join in and feed also. Will Joanna be fully transformed into a Vampire? Are Glampires Saskia and Anastasia becoming jealous of Tanya’s growing attachment to the new young maid?

PLAYING NOW in my Boudoir

Glampires Part 3 – Sensual Glampire heaven in the Boudoir

Tanya and her depraved T-vampires retire to her Boudoir with innocent maid Joanna to dress up and make love. Tanya is laced into a tight corset and 9″ Ballet Pumps and caresses her beautiful Glampires whilst lying on her sexy French bed. Joanna’s eyes grow wider as Tanya’s mouth invites passionate kisses and an erotic haze like heavy perfume engulfs them as they enjoy the sumptuous satin and silk hangings, the filmy negligees, gloves, stockings, heels, exotic make-up and hair. At the end Joanna lies chained to the end of the bed, exhausted physically and drained of her innocence.. But more is to come…

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Glampires Part 4 – Finding Vlad.

Beautiful Saskia and Anastasia unwisely pry into the mysterious locked chest they came across in Tanya’s crypt, and find Vlad’s skull.  Awakened by the smell of Virgins Blood Vlad begins to exert a malign influence and seduced into drinking his potion the Glampires fall completely under his power.  The scene is set for Vlad to become whole again and take his revenge. Meanwhile Joanna is no longer an innocent and lies in Tanya’s embrace in her Boudoir….. .

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Glampires Part 5 –  in the Pamper Parlour.

Tanya is to be made-over by the Glampires but Jo has been whispering strange things in her sleep and Tanya senses something has changed.  The girls deny that Vlad has them in his power but  give Tanya a drugged potion whilst primping her hair and make-up.  Little does she know that Vlad will soon have his twisted revenge in weird, evil ways.

Glampires episode 6

Tanya awakes to find herself dressed in clinging Latex and strapped into her electric chair.  Vlad appears and commands the Glampires to transform their former mistress for his pleasure and her breasts are inflated!! This happens for real!!  See the out-takes now …. Oh my, how I suffer for my art….

*********COMING VERY SOON *******

Glampires episode 7

Now Vlad wants his revenge for 300 years of oblivion, and instructs that Tanya must be  remorselessly broken.  The Glampires willingly start their cruel work, attaching the electrodes and turning the voltage up… So diabolical, so inventive, so real…